Monday, February 29, 2016

Letter #73 02/29/2016

Oh, Jo and Es.. Throughout my entire mission, I have yet to
meet anyone else who gets pummeled so hard by the adversary every time
they take a step forward to make a good decision. This week was filled
with activities to help prepare them for their baptism. We had some
really sweet lessons with them and we could just tell they were ready.
They were excited. Nervous, sure, but their time had definitely come.
THEN as we're eating dinner with the Perla-Alvarez family, we get a
call from Jo.. He just barely got a new job, right? After
struggling through unemployment, getting married in faith- of course,
blessings come and he found work. Cool, okay. He called to tell us
that his boss told him he had to work Saturday night (planned
baptismal evening) and that he wouldn't get off until like 9:00...
What? My heart sunk as we talked it out with him. We finally came to a
conclusion that we would pray extra extra hard and that he would call
his boss and explain the situation. We prayed and prayed and called
our ward mission leaders and prayed some more. At the end of the
night, we received a text from Jo, saying.. "We are going to do it
tomorrow, see you at 5:30".

And they did. They were baptized and confirmed and it was the neatest
experience! We visited them yesterday and there is just SUCH a
different atmosphere in their home and in their little family. And
it's not like it was bad before, the spirit is just tangible. They
truly trust in The Lord now. We asked him how he was able to do it..
How he got out of working. He was like, well.. I went into work early
Saturday morning.. And my boss was just like, 'all of the appointments
cancelled.. So, uh, yeah..'

the universe, and He cares enough to direct our lives for good. I love
Him. We have seen so many miracles lately like that.. We literally do
nothing, but Heavenly Father makes things happen. Our worries are real
and important to Him, because He loves us tons. But He doesn't worry.
He's got it. I'm grateful for that knowledge and a mission that has
taught me to rely on Him. Jorge bore the sweetest testimony at the
baptism and I was just so emotional.. Months of worry and tears and
prayers and love for this sweet little family made their baptism and
confirmation and their new goals for an eternal family just so so

Sorry this email is not what it should be. I don't have the words or
the time or the strength in my little typing hands to go through all
of the miracles we have seen in just this past week. I am grateful for
everything. I'm grateful for my companion and for everything we've
been able to experience together. I'm grateful for this last week I
have here in Hispanic Heaven. I am so grateful for one more week of
Virginia air and for one more week to help this sweet humans as a full
time representative of Jesus Christ.

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